Facilities and Equipments

Loading and unloading pier

Pier facilities

  • Detached pier: 26.5m×214m
    Ship berthing capacity: D/W80,000 tons class ship 1bath
    Water depth: KP-12.0m
  • Waterway in the pier: 20.0m(W) KP-6.0m(D)
Transport and barge from the large ships to the silo, transshipment can be done at the same time to the domestic vessels.

Loading and unloading machinery

  • Rope trolley type bucket unloader: 2
    Ability: 500T/H×2
  • Pneumatic unloader: 1
    Ability: 300T/H
  • Unloading capacity of 1 day (8 hours) is up to about 10,000 tons.

Silo building

Silo facility

  • Construction: Reinforced Concrete, cylindrical set type
    Storage capacity: 120,000 tons
  • Main silo bin: 136, Complement silo bin: 90
    Total: 226
While every attempt has been made to ensure the quality control due to inventory management and automatic temperature measuring device according to computer control.

Silo cooling system

  • Cooking silo bin: main bin: 10, Complement bin: 2.
    In grain cooling by the cooling system, and it has prevented the rise of grain temperature.

Loading and unloading machinery and equipment

  • Grain silo loading equipment
    Belt conveyor:1,000T/H 650T/H Each 1 system
  • Raw sugar transport equipment
    Belt conveyor:700T/H 1 system
  • Grain silo unloading equipment
    Barge:300T/H(150T/H×2) 1 system
  • Truck:150T/H(5 gates), 100T/H(4 gates)
  • Adjacent factory:150T/H 2 systems
    100T/H 2 systems
    650T/H 1 system

Soybean related facility

Soybean sorting plant

  • Sorting capability:150T/day
  • Raw material storage tank:200 tons
  • Unloading equipment capacity:30T/H

Temperature controlled warehouse

  • Total floor area:2,338㎡
  • Constant temperature warehouse capacity:1,800 tons
  • Room temperature warehouse capacity:700 tons

Central control room

Computing system

Automatic control of the silo loading and unloading equipment by the system that the Company’s proprietary, inventory management, such as the creation of a management record, you have to exert a large force to the labor-saving and efficiency.